Well Hunting Season 2001 has begun. Last season, as you remember (if you read my 2000 journal) was my most THRILLING so far. I guess I can NOT expect another one quite that exciting.But we'll see what 2001 brings...


I have created this journal for the Archery /Black Bear /Rifle season here in Pennsylvania. I will try to add my entries everyday that I hunt..so keep checking back for the latest...

My wife was yelling from the yard to "bring the gun... a raccoon was chasing the kittens.. Now it was pouring down rain at the time so I knew something was wrong....I grabbed my 20 gauge and headed for the door. There in the yard was the "SADDIEST" looking "coon" I have ever seen & Elaine holding a baseball bat getting ready to "protect" the kittens from harm.. the coon's ribs were sticking out; it was soaked from the rain and making the weirdiest noise I have ever heard. I quickly disposed of him.. He must have been infected with rabies. He was REALLY SAD looking...and to be out chasing kittens at 2 o'clock in the afternoon ????



Took my MOM fishing and scouting for deer on way to Clarion River. We saw 6 antlerless and 1 6pt.

Went scouting....spotted 13 does & fawns...only saw 2 small bucks (spikes) (no velvet) Access gate to my PRIME area is not open...hopefully it will open this week....

Went Scouting....Clear Creek State Forest... spotted 15 Antlerless and 1 Spike..Also a large flock of Turkeys..


Clear Creek State Forest
Had an enjoyable afternoon. I could not go this morning because I was expecting 2 loads of firewood for the winter. Set up at my favorite spot about 4:10pm.. access road was opened some time yesterday..I saw one doe at about 15 yards and a "button Buck" just before quitting time ..passed on both.
What made the afternoon entertaining was 2 grey fox who kept coming by about every twenty minutes. I got some great videos of them. Even have video of one jumping into a tree and catching either a chipmunk or small red squirrel.
I was surprised to see the fox "played" with it just like a cat does with a mouse.
The two were running--chasing each other--grabbing each other and rolling around... reminded me of Smokey & Bear our two kittens...


AM--Clear Creek State Forest
Received a phone call from work late yesterday afternoon..transformer blew..NO WORK TODAY (Mon) I am so sad (NOT !!!)
Morning was boring.. nothing happening until almost 10:30...A grouse flew into the tree beside me and scared the "be-jeebies" out of me...Also saw a Fox Squirrel...Boy do I love this spot...between last year and this so far have seen just about every game animal BUT A BEAR...who knows????
Passed on a doe with two young ones at 10:45
Passed on another doe with one young one at 11:00...Called it a morning at 11:30..will go back out this afternoon around 4:00PM...


Clear Creek State Forest (CCSF from now on)
First thing I saw this afternoon was ANOTHER grey Fox..Bigger and the tip of the tail was really red..Maybe the Mom or Dad of the two from Sat afternoon
5pm--saw a small doe and shortly after she passed a Spike followed.... Both out of range.. The spikes on him must be 8-10" long..straight up !!
I THINK I would have tried to harvest him if he would have come in range..
I saw 7 doe and a spike on the way home at 7pm


Hunted from 6:30-10:00 AM
7:25 a small spike walked by at 20 yards..Passed.. He just kept walking for 300+ yards..Never stopped--just kept calmly walking away.. LOT of Grey squirrel activity this morning
7:45 another spike (little spikes) Thought I would play with him so I grunted and he turned and walk back into thicket..????? Half an hour later there he was over my right shoulder at 15 yards...LOOKING FOR ME !!!! Suddenly I noticed movement in thicket there was a nice six point in there...SO the 6 pt - spike - and I played "cat & mouse" for about 20 minutes...That darn 6 pt would not come out of the thicket and the spike was getting madder and madder cause he could not see me right above him...IT WAS FUN...BUT I wanted that 6 pt at about 15 yards..



Hunted from 7-9:45am...Saw NOTHING --nada--zip--zero--SKUNKED--?????????????


Rainy Day Acres
Saw 3 does and 1 spike lots of rubs on small trees..many are the same trees that were rubbed last year


Rainy Day Acres
Made a BAD choice of clothing to wear this morning....DID NOT dress warm enough..Could only stay in treestand until 8:30AM..COLD !!!! SAW nothing....

Rainy Day Acres
Had two BIG does feeding at about 50 yards.. They just stayed there until dark...Would not move any closer...Oh, well there always tommorrow....


Heavy Frost and COLD this morning...Hunted til 10:00 AM...Lots of squirrels running around...But not much deer acivity..Only saw the one doe and her 2 young that I passed on last week...If she would have come within range I would have tried to "TAKE HER".. I could not see her left side BUT she is definately INJURED...she is really limping BAD..the two young ones kept going over and It looked like they were taking turns "licking" her front left shoulder area. Was really SAD !!!!


CCSF---site #2
Set up along a gas line this morning...Saw two doe on gas line about 80 yards.. right after daybreak.. BUT they never came my way.ACORNS EVERYWHERE...slipped and fell (in the dark) on way in on the DAMN THINGS !!!!!


CCSF--scouting trip
Went scouting this morning to try to find a few more "hot" spots for the "rut" in a few weeks...
Found a NICE active scrape..(same place as last year) and BROTHER is it FRESH !!!8-) I could SMELL it without bending over...STRONG ODOR..also has some rubs nearby..Will try this spot NEXT !!!Found a total of three new spots at Clear Creek and 1 on SGL54....Saw a flock of turkeys on way home "dusting" in road...made for some interesting video.


LOTS of squirrels..greys & Black...Got a couple photos of them...Also took a photo of the SCRAPE I found while scouting yesterday...I set up about 30 yards away from it ..BUT as I said..NOTHING


Rainy Day Acres
Only saw two white-tailed REAR-ENDS...Not sure what sex they were... they wondered off into my Black Berry Thicket..and I never saw them again.. Awful warm !!!!...just as glad I did not harvest anything tonite in this warm weather...

My "camp" neighbor from Ohio got a small doe this morning with his crossbow... A repeat of last year ..He shot both in the FRONT chest area and "bolt" came out back along the side.?????? Awsome power in these crossbows...Maybe I'll try for one next year..??????


CCSF- site#3
Saw only 2 doe behind my set-up. They were too far away to "worry" about. Had too many cars & trucks go back access road at daybreak ( squirrel hunters !!) probably cause the deer I was anticipating to change direction...


CCSF-site #1
I had one doe run by at 7:30am...REALLY windy.. I got out of tree at 9:00am.....I was afraid a couple "dead Trees" nearby might blow over and hit me or treestand on their way to ground.


Slept til 7:00am then went scouting ...Found a good spot between two fenced-in sections (funnel) I spooked 2 deer on way back to truck coming towads the site I had just chosen...Also found a NICE scrape near stand site here. Saw a flock of turkeys on another "tram road" I traveled looking for a spot..also "jumped" 2 more deer there...Saw 2 doe on way home... Windy & cold morning PLUS a slight drizzle...UGH !!!!


CCSF site#4 (new funnel)
NICE----BIG-----BEAUTIFUL----8 point Buck----MISSED........REASON.........
did NOT want to mess-up the front end of my TRUCK... I was on the way to my hunting area and he came "FLYING"across road. All I saw was antlers !!!! I really do NOT know how I missed him..IT WAS CLOSE !!!
well.. back to archery..
Had two FOX squirrels running around and at 7:30am a spike came along eating acorns for about 15 minutes. Nice deer but I really do not want a spkie this year. He gave me sooooo many opportunities for shots..but I PASSED... Got a lot of nice video of him though !!!That was it for the morning left at 9:45am.


Rainy Day Acres
This afternoon I set-up in " backyard" hoping to harvest one of the two BIG doe bedding there. I started climbing tree at 3:30pm and half-way up I spotted the one doe leaving her bed...JUST MY BAD LUCK !!!
That was it for the afternoon..


Went to get permission to hunt some "posted" ground near Rainy Day Acres..Was pleased to get that permission for MON-TUES-WED.
I know there was 2 NICE 6 points running there and the owner informed me of two NICE 8 point also there...HOPE I can harest one of these GUYS !!!Took some photos of a Ruffed Grouse on way to check out a spot on Private Land..

Private Land #1
Had a doe close by at 7:45am..she kept looking behind her so I let her pass thinking a buck may be following. The only thing following her was RAIN. Got completely SOAKED in 15 minutes... After rain quit I went to stand-up and as I did a deer "took off" behind me. I did not get to see what it was.Oh well..I know there are several NICE bucks in the area. Will return...


CCSF Site #2
Can't believe I did NOT see anything again at this spot. This is the same spot I stopped at pre-season and saw 8-10 other deer at the same time. Two trips back (hunting) have resulted in NOTHING.
left at 9:30. On way home I stopped and walked around area I was at yesterday. Found some rubs and "jumped" a deer. REALLY THICK STUFF.....


It was way to WINDY for me to go getting into any trees...8-)..Went scouting on SGL #54 at the new Food Plot Area..Saw a flock of turkeys feeding in one of the plots. Lots of deer sign. Walked thru some laurel patches and jumped three bucks all bedded down together (no pre-rut here !!)Found two good tree stand spots. Will return next week.


SGL # 54
ground hunt
Again with the wind....decided to walk lauerl at SGL # 54 Food Plot Area only Hunting (with bow) this time. Saw 1 Buck (too far) who was NOT one of the three from yesterday, and 5 doe.Did not get any chances for shots.


CCSF site # 1
Back to my favorite spot. Saw 3 doe on way to site. SAW NOTHING but 3 grey squirrels..SNOW on ground and trees really pretty...Saw 1 Buck on way home at 10:30am.

SGL #54-Spring Creek Area #2
I set-up this afternoon near the spot I saw the Big Buck leaving this morning.Never hunted this area BUT HAVE ALWAYS wanted too.Before going there I went to check out a "buck rub" a friend told me about. He says a 12pt. with about a 20" spread is working the tree. He has seen it twice, but could not get any shooting.... Then proceeded to Spring Creek. Saw only one spike around 3:30pm. Deer sure did not seem to be moving today. Windy-cold-and snowing off and on all day..Well Monday is only two days away..


SGL #54 ( Empire Ridge Road)
All in all an interesting morning. Had some doe close at first light but only one presented a shot and I could NOT take it because of some bushes in front of her. Doe all around feeding,, BUT NO BUCKS..I just can't understand what is going on this year. I have heard NO snorts..saw NONE chasing does ??????? Luckily got some video of the does. Also saw two grey squirrels. Came home and found an E-mail from my Buddy JMF. He got a turkey !!!I enjoyed the morning. Saw a total of 9 Doe....


A NONE HUNTING DAY... Took a tour of WHITE OAK WHITETAILS..a hunting preserve near Rainy Day Acres.

After returning and while I was previewing the video I took.... Elaine yelled "some pheasants just landed in the yard." I grabbed license & Flor. Orange and took 20 my gauge & camcorder out the back door. Got a photo.. then harvested the bird
There was also a hen with him but I did not get a shot at her.


SGL #54---Food plots
There was a drizzling rain this morning and I saw NOTHING..BUT today is a vacation day so I will return to woods this afternoon

Dixon Farm
Saw only one deer his afternoon...a small 6 point....and I missed him !!!!Shot just a little low...Oh well...I left stand there so I will return in the morning and try again....



Dixon Farm
I was definately rewarded for returning. After missing a buck yesterday this morning I saw his BIG brother...A real nice 8 pt...Passed in front of me twice at about 60-75 yards. HE WAS DEFINATELY LOOKING FOR DOES !!!! Paid me no mind at all..even when I used the grunt call..head down walking !!!
Ghee I wish I would not have waited so long to hunt here this year. At 9:30 I came out of tree and walked down into what I call "mini-hollow"...I could not believe my eyes....RUBS....there must be a 100 rubs in a 100 yard circle . Just about every tree has a rub on it. I have never.. I repeat NEVER.. seen so many rubs in such a small area????? Could there be more than just these two bucks here ..?????Stay Tuned..I'll return here seriously NOW !!! May even try "ground hunting" one morning..
Saw about a dozen grey squirrels and 1 black squirrel.
SAW nothing else..sure wish some does would have been around they may have helped me get a shot at that 8 pt.!!


Dixon Farm
Ground blind
Well second morning in a row the 8 PT. showed up! This time my camera was ready and so was I... After a few photos he left and for some reason went back the way he came...which means...No shot opportunity today.. He has now become my GOAL for 2001
He and I will now spend every day together..ONE on ONE... I've named him...."TROPHY "


Dixon Farm
Well... I wanted doe to show up ...well at least one did this morning..." busted" me..Saw 4 "white-flags" leaving !!!!!That was it for the morning. Lots of grey squirrels..Heard what sounded like a 100 Turkeys at daybreak..clucking-gobbling for what was an easy half hour.!


Saw nothing all afternoon.. Heard those same turkeys gobbling-clucking ETC...WOW you should have heard what souded like 100 gobble at the same time..UNBELIEVABLE !!! Also got to hear them all "fly-up" to roost for the night. That too was an awsome sound. Wish I knew how many birds were in that flock.The "fly-up" alone must have lasted 5 minutes !!!!
CAN YOU TELL I'm NO REAL turkey hunter??
I have decided to alternate days and places next week (last week).I'll start at Dixon's and alternate with CCSF site #1...HOPE that will get me a deer...Saw a buck chasing a doe with his nose, you know where, cross road on the way to Dixon's this morning. God was it FOGGY..traveled at about 15 mph.`


Dixon Farm
Jumped a big deer crossing pasture on way into woods, it still dark so I could only tell it was a big deer. Heard it go CRASHING thru the fence and into the woods.
Had 4 deer under stand at 5:50am. To dark to shoot. I could not even make out if any had racks.. Just barely see they were deer. They left before I could shoot OR even tell what they were.
Heard that same flock of turkeys come out of the same trees as Sat. afternoon. Boy...they sure make a "racket"...Had a 4 pt headed my way at 9:30am BUT he decided to go up the hill rather than down the hollow !!!! 8-)
Watched a bunch of those turkeys feeding in front of me at about 100 yards for almost a half-hour. There are some BIG birds in that flock....
Found a different tree to set-up in on Wednesday morning. There are alot more clear spots to shoot from. Awful thick where I have been setting-up. Tommorrow morning it's off to CCSF site #1 Maybe some of those big bucks from last year will finally show up there chasing some doe ???


CCSF site #1
Good morning....6:45am..the 6 point I have seen here before showed up chasing a doe & her yearling..
7:3am..A doe and two yearling come the other direction with a spike following them..
Lots of grey squirrels & Chipmunks running around this morning. They kept me entertained between my deer sightings....8-)
9:30am..A loud crashing to my right ...here comes a BEATUIFUL 10 pt. not really running BUT wasting no time going across in front of me at 45 yards. (wrong tree this morning )I wonder if it WAS one of the 8 points from last season ?????
Got ready to leave at 10:30am. As I was standing to pack, I spotted two whitetails in the tall Laurel. That's where the 10 point headed.......Long story shortened...Nothing appeared again and I sat there til 11:15am not wanting to "spook" any deer in tall Laurel
NOW WHAT DO I DO........#1..go after "trophy" tommorrow......OR.....#2 return here and see if the 10 point shows again (I'll move to a different tree though.. when I return here)....Stay tuned for the answer tommorrow...


WELL I may have made the wrong decision. Saw absolutely NOTHING...No squirrels..no chipmunks..no birds..AND NO deer..?????? Strange morning. Quit hunting at 10:00am. While packing my gear into the truck the forester came along and we spent about a half-hour shooting the "bull". He was telling me about some of the deer that are inside some of the "fenced in" areas here at CCSF. Lots of does,,so he figures he will be doing alot of fence repairs when the does come into "heat" and the bucks go THRU the fence after them...Not a very good morning...well, 3 days left for archery ..I sure hope I get a deer this archery season, if NOT....that will be two in a row that I had to rely on rifle season to fill my tags.. 8-(


Dixon Farm
Managed to get a GOOD set-up this morning at at crossing of several trails. Lots of rubs and scrapes around. AND LOTS of open shooting lanes. I heard a deer walk by while it was still dark. At first light I could see the trail the deer took. I spotted a small "bushy" Hemlock and decided..
#1...I was harvesting ANY BUCK this morning and
#2... if another deer came the way the one did earlier this would be a good shot. As he stepped from behind the Hemlock tree at 15 yards.
TONS of grey squirrels this morning. If I had my 20 gauge I could have harvested 6 EASY !!!!No deer moving ..at 8:30 I heard a deer coming the same way the one eariler had. I saw it was a BIG deer ..BUT ..only a spike..Hey what the heck.... I DO NOT eat the antlers and besides I still have NOT harvest any BUCK with my BOW
I drew and was ready..as he stepped from behind the tree I took a deep breath...AIMED.....and RELEASED.........


For the third consectitive time with a bow I had made a good spine shot..NO TRAILING and NO LONG DRAG.... MY FIRST ARCHERY BUCK !!


Since I live in a part of Jefferson County where Turkey is still "in" next week..I think I'll return to the Dixon Farm and see if I can harvest my first turkey and get some more of the photos everyone seems to be enjoying... and maybe harvest a few squirrels....coated with "shake- N-bake" they are pretty tasty !!!! 8-)


OTHER WILDLIFE SPOTTED THIS YEAR-----------grey fox---grey squirrels---red (pine) squirrels---black squirrels---fox squirrel--- chipmunks---turkey---grouse---male & female pheasant---and a red fox.

As a whole the archery season was an enjoyable one. Did see some nice Bucks.I was SURPRISED that I did not see more doe than I did. The grey Fox were a great treat to watch as the romped and played...The video of them turned out GREAT !!
Spotted VERY FEW deer on the way to my various huning spots which was very unusual..I did manage to harvest my First buck with a bow.. That made the season worth while.Now I have to get a big doe on opening day of Rifle Season to fill the new freezer I bought us !!!!!!


I will be leaving shortly to join my good friend Jim (JMF) at his camp near Marienville, Pa. for a bear hunt tommorrow. I am really excited about this opportunity. Jim is an avid bear hunter.
Elaine has made a large pot of Spanish Rice (with my fresh venison)and I have a Pumpkin Bread my Mother made...Sooooo we should eat good tonite !!!!!
I called Jim last night. They did not get or see any bears yesterday...70 bears were "checked in " at Marienville VFD check station.


4:15am----alarm sounds....
A quick cup of coffee and I have to take "the trip" to the house with the half-moon....
30 degrees outside----now I remember all about "deer camp" from years ago...LOL..LOL...8-)
5:00am--arrive at parking spot and start to go to first hunting spot
JMF & LARRY must have forgot to tell me it was in "HEAVEN"... A hour walk STRAIGHT UP HILL !!! (make that MOUNTAIN!!!) I just knew---I was going to meet GOD when we reached the top-- 8-)
Did see lots of deer ..black squirrels...and PILES & PILES of Bear poop !!!!!
Enjoyed the day very much. I was invited back next year ....it was either to hunt or for them to try to "KILL" me again by playing mounain goat.. 8-) (LOL)
I hope I'll still be here next year. I certainly want to give it another try.
I saw a total of about 60 whitetails between hunting and driving to and from Marienville. Lots of black squirrels and Larry saw a coyote.



Well I am working on two "projects" today...
#1......preparing "camp" for Sunday's 4th ANNUAL VENISON CHILI DINNER-
may have up to 20 visitors this year !!!.......

#2..working on helping 4 guys from NEW HAMPSHIRE find a place to harvest 4 doe next week. LIKE THIS WOULD BE HARD FOR ME ??? LOL--LOL......8-)
I may go hunt squirrel in the morning and see if I can get some more deer photos...I could never have enough of those !!!!


Well the 4th Annual Venison Chili Dinner was a success. Had a total of 12 guys visit and each enjoyed his dinner.I gave out the awards from last year's Rifle Season and we all enjoyed watching videos and shootng the "bull" for remainder of evenng.



Rain Day Acres
I hunted for doe until 9:30AM... Saw nothing.... fair amount of shooting.
I spent the rest of the day helping a friend (who is a butcher) SKIN deer. He had to shut off taking any more deer at 11:30 am.(too warm..no storage) Took in 65.. 30 doe and 35 bucks. One of the bucks had already lost its antlers. Of the Bucks brought in ONLY 9 would have been LEGAL under the antler restriction proposed.??????????? This part of Jeffferson County is NOT known for a lot of big bucks.I was sad to see with even 2 weeks to shoot doe ..3 button bucks were brought in.


I Checked the results of the first day with the guys that attended the chili dinner...
NO BUCKS THIS YEAR !!!! Total of four doe harvested. First time in quite a few years NO ONE got a buck first day.


I hunted only until 10:00AM. Woke up with a bad cold, so I hunted from inside "my camp" watching "flats" behind it. Saw 4 deer running ridge..Could not make-out what there were and could not get a shot.(RAINED THE ENTIRE MORNING ) I heard only about 4 shots.
This morning (Tues) the ambulance was call to SGL 54 for a hunter falling out of his tree stand..300lb+ man from Ohio..his tree stand sliped on wet tree and down he came. Broke his-hip & ribs and punctured his lung. Took almost a total of 3 hours to reach him and get him back to ambulance.!!!! A friend was the attending paramedic..Said he hit so hard he broke the stock & bolt of his rifle !!!!
I Got an E- mail from my friend-JMF-.. with an attached photo of his 7pt he harvested this morning. Congratulations to him..


I hunted from inside trailer again this morning and again saw nothing.I am NOT too worried.Hopefully I'll hear from the guys from New Hampshire this evening at work and will join them in a hunt tommorrow morning for does..
One of the neighboring camps FINALLY scored a buck this morning. Mark who harvested the "big one from last year" harvested a 5pt this morning. Congratulations to him..


Well... I did not hear from the guys from New Hampshire. So I decided I would hunt the place I was going to set them up in. LONG STORY SHORT.........filled my doe tag..took deer to butcher and returned home ALL BEFORE 9AM !!!!!
WHAT a nice finish to whitetail season 2001. I was dissappointed I did not get a good look at my deer this morning.. it came RUNNING right by me at full speed. I yelled and it stopped...and I shot..it ran 25 yards and fell. All within eye-sight. When I got to deer I did notice it was a "button buck" Oh well with this cold I have caught getting worse it may have been the best thing to do after all. Now I can concentrate on getting well....

I hope you have enjoyed reading my 2001 Hunting Adventures. I also hope you will return next year for another journal of my hunting trips.
Dr. Trout