April 9th

I thought I would give the Clarion River a try today for my first trip of 2008. Weather was warm and cloudy. I left home at 9:30am and got to the Clarion around 9:45am. I wanted to give my favorite Belltown spot a try and after a few minutes of fishing I landed a 9" Brook Trout. Fished there for about an hour and headed North to another spot. Fished there for about a half hour and it started to rain, too early in the year to get soaked so I headed home. About 2 Hours of fishing today.

April 14th

Today was aweful windy but seemed warm as long as the sun was out so I headed to the Clarion River near Hallton about 10:00am I saw 7 deer on Spring Creek Road, one grouse walked across the road and a nice big gobbler also crossed in front of my truck. Fished down river for about 5 miles stopping at several old and several NEW spots... wind really made fishing a chore in the valley... and what was even worse -- every time the sun went behind a cloud it got aweful COLD QUICK... so I kept moving down river... unfortunately I did not catch a fish or even see another angler anywhere... Will try Toby Creek tommorrow - weather permitting.. Saw 5 more turkeys while traveling along River Road and one Gray Squirrel. Around 3 Hours of fishing today.

April 15th

I had to go into Brockway today so I decided to fish Toby Creek after my business was finished. Started fishing about 10:00am at what we call Jenkins.. Landed three trout all were pretty nice 10 inch fish. All fell victim to Berkley Power Bait (Rainbow). Came home about 1:30pm, so I figure about 3 hours of fishing today.

April 21st

I left the house a little after 8:00am and stopped at the store to get some live minnows and then to the river.
Since I was at the store I decided to travel down Callen Run Road to the river. I very seldom spot deer or any other wildlife when I travel this road and this morning was NO exception..saw nothing.
Started fishing at Belltown about 9:00am and then traveled up river hitting some familar spots and some new stops.
Ended my fishing near Hallton with 4 fish landed.. 2 Smallmouths, 2 Brook Trout, 4 lost trout trying to lift out of the water, and 4 missed fish... all in all it was a good day of fishing and once again I did not get "skunked" on the Clarion River...
Started home at 2:30pm and traveled Spring Creek Road. I did spot one road killed deer on River Road and 3 live ones shot out in front of me on the way home along Spring Creek. That was it for wildlife spotted.., OH -- I did see a beaver at Belltown and a variety of ducks flying by along the's today's biggest fish...

April 24th

I got up early this morning and traveled over to the Clarion River to try some early morning fishing. I left the house at 6:15am..WOW was it chilly.. It was only 34 degrees on the outside thermometer..
Managed two trout and one smallmouth
I saw 8 deer on Spring Creek Road in some uncommon places..
On my normal travels I do not usually see deer in these particular places maybe it was becuase it was so early ??
I caught all these fish on salted minnows, fished four different places.. fished for only 2.5 hours then headed home for some yard work... Next trip maybe on Monday...

April 28th

Went to the Clarion River this morning and faced the rainstorms. I lasted about 2 hours and then decided to call it a wash-out...
I caught 1 trout and 1 smallmouth in about 2.5 hours of travel and fishing.
I had 5 deer cross in front of me on the way home at one of the "usual" spots. I was surprsed to see 5 usually it's only 3 crossing there ??
Also saw 3 in a field on property that I have permission to hunt.

May 8th

Fished one spot on the Clarion River below Hallton from 2pm to 4pm this afternoon. Landed 3 Smallmouths and one large Sucker. Not much action today. Saw 3 deer on the way home. An enjoyable day...

May 14th

Fished from 7:00am until 12:00pm, 5 hours of fishing produced only three Smallmouths from the Clarion.. I used leeches today and did discover that when the fish "hit" they really took the leech and took off... Windy and cloudy not always the best for Clarion River fishing.. I saw three deer on the way over and 5 on the way home... all looked sort of ugly since they are in the process of losing their winter coats and replacing that with their summer coats...I would love to go up towards Portland Mills in the morning, but I'm definitely fighting a cold and maybe should stay indoors tommorrow???

May 15th

I felt quite a bit better today so I decided to go up the Clarion towards Portland Mills and try leeches up that way. I fished three spots and landed 3 Smallmouths and one Brook Trout. Water was about perfect and I enjoyed watching quite a few folks going by in canoes. Fished from noon until 4:00pm. I was sort of surprised the fishing was not better ??

May 22nd - May 26th - May 27th

I hated to write this entry into the journal...

I have made these three trips to the Clarion using leeches and I have not caught a fish in those 3 trips...SKUNKED !!!!
I realize that the Smallmouths start spawning when water temps start to hold in the 50s, so that may the problem..
Feeding frenzies start as water temps hit the mid 60s to mid 70s... so hopeful the Smallmouth fishing will get better... I think I'm back to "crawlers" though :-)

May 29th

Fished the Clarion River again today from noon until 3pm. Left the leeches at home and used nightcrawlers. Ended the day with one brown trout and one smallmouth landed.
I did catch a "creek chub" that was almost 8 inches long.... I never caught one that big before.
Saw three bucks on the trip home on posted grounds where I could not stop to get photos.
All in all a beautiful day for fishing. Talked to two different groups of 2 guys and we all enjoyed the day talking and doing what we love --- FISHING

June 2nd

Spent a total of 5 hours fishing the Clarion River today. A couple hours in the morning and a couple in the late afternoon. Landed one trout and one smallmouth each trip. Fishing was slow but I have come to expect that at this transititional time of year. Water is up to around 62 degrees.. so fishing will just get better...
Saw 8 deer.. one gray squirrel and enjoyed watching two longbeards fly across the river in the afternoon trip.

June 3rd

Great morning of fishing.. I went up to just below Portland Mills and the different location paid off... 10 fish landed... 6 trout (Brooks and Rainbows) three smallies and one large sucker in 4 hours of fishing.. I found it interesting that one Rainbow and one Brook had "chunks" of flesh ,missing off their backs ???
I landed fish on minnows, crawlers and two Rainbows on a trout magnet.. GREAT MORNING... now it's time for catching FISH ----

June 9th

Left the house at 6:00am and traveled up to my spot below Portland Mills where I had success on the last trip. Spotted 8 deer on the way.
I landed two smallmouths and one nice rainbow in three and a half hours fishing.
It got hot fast and the sun was beating down on the water and me where I was fishing so I left earlier than I wanted too. Water was a little cloudy..and rain is in the forecast.. so I may not get out again this week ????

June 11th

Fished for only 2 hours today below Hallton from 4-6pm. What a surprise.. on my second cast I landed a legal 17.5 inch Walleye... and two smallmouths were landed later. Saw 8 deer on the way home. A great day for fishing... river is really getting low... folks wanting to canoe are going to have alot of problems.... It looks like late August instead of early June....

June 26th

Fished for only 2 hours, it was hot and I was not fishing any shady areas... landed one nice rock bass and one smallmouth, both on crawlers... water was what I call "August Brown" from being so low.... I had an enjoyable ride over around 1:00pm though.... had to stop the truck for two fawns standing in the middle of the road.. FINALLY one ran left the other took off to the right ????? Saw a coyote also standing in the middle of the road and he too made me stop before running off... and a woodcock walking across the road.. one doe on the way home about 2:30 and she was running down the middle of the road ??


Clarion River - 17
North Fork - 0
Toby Creek - 1
Kyle Lake - 0


Trout- 20
Smallmouth - 24
Rock Bass - 1
Walleyes - 1
Suckers - 2
Panfish - 0